Work for Bounteous XD Internal Team

Bounteous helps companies create digital solutions by optimizing the flow of data, insights and interactions across the digital brand experience. The following artworks are a collection of projects I worked on over the course of my design internship at Bounteous for their internal team.

I have worked on various illustrations for Bounteous' blog posts and event announcements.
While I have the creative freedom while working on these illustrations, it's also important for me to make sure that my work is aligning with Bounteous' brand standards.
These projects not only allowed me to explore my creativity but also helped me practiced with text lay-out.
Besides illustrations, I also got to animate a lot of assets for the internal team, ranging from mini client logos animation to advertisments.
I was tasked to animate Bounteous' clients logos for an animated collection reel that will be displayed at Bounteous' collaboration centers.
Animating ads for Bounteous India was also a learning journey as it was essential to fit enough content within 18 seconds and make sure that everything is visually attractive and readable.
I also got my hands on animating some LinkedIn Announcement for New Hire at Bounteous.