Basket Buddies Brand Identity

Student Work at Tyler School of Art & Architecture
Bryan Satalino, Instructor
Web Design

Basket Buddies is an environmentally friendly picnic delivery service that is able to deliver anywhere — even a city park — with GPS location services in Philadelphia. The goal of Basket Buddies is allowing customers to have more fun and less stressful days outside during COVID-19.  Basket Buddies is also a solution when it comes to bringing back magic to restaurants with the limitations of just take-out and delivery during the “social distancing” time.

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Basket Buddies
With elements and main mascot derived from picnic, Basket Buddies aims to attract not only adult customers but also younger audiences such as kids.
Basket Buddies provides an app where customers can order their baskets, choose their park, and have their meals directly delivered to them based on GPS tracking. With a fleet of cargo bikes, the deliverers will drop off and pick up the baskets and all of the reusable materials.
Basket Buddies focuses on the friendly and inviting brand image which is why the brand mascot is used across the brand elements along with the neutral color palette.
With a balance between tradition and modernity, the sandwich bags are designed based on brown lunch bags with picnicky patterned sides. The food names are in a hand-written font to create the nostalgic feeling of receiving mom's lunch note
Basket Buddies Sandwich Bags
Egg Salad Sandwich Bag
Beef Reuben Sandwich Bag
Basket Buddies' mascot is continued to be utilized across the sandwich bags with different alternated versions of itself. Small detail of the grass and the clouds indicate that Basket Buddies motivates their customers to enjoy outdoor picnics.
Angled Beef Reuben Sandwich Bag
Basket Buddies Logo