Patch Works Brand Identity

Student Work at Tyler School of Art & Architecture
Courtney Spencer, Instructor
Web Design

Patch Works provides sewing kit every month which will include recycle fabrics and materials, along with instructions on how to create certain items with the materials provided. Patch Works is aiming to educate people how to reduce textile waste through sewing in order to help the environment.

Patch Works
Patch Works’ visual identity is designed to be vibrant and fun with various geometric shapes and textures representing textiles.
Patch Works Initial Sketches
Patch Works' Color Variations
Close Box
External packaging of the subscription box is intended to be simple, leaving the surprise element to the lively design inside of the box.
Patch Works Patches
Decorated patches to be included in the kit
Brochures provided in the subscription box to promote Patch Works’ missions and describe sewing instructions
Patch Works has a waitlist page for interested individuals to sign up for updated news and perks until Patch Works launches the official website.
Landing Page Mock Up
Patch Works Waitlist WebsitePatch Works Waitlist Website
Waitlist Page Overview
Patch Works Logo