Temple University Mascot Redesign

Student Work at Tyler School of Art & Architecture
Bryan Satalino, Instructor
Logo Design

In Fall 2021, Temple University was looking forward to renewing their mascot. The old one (now decommissioned) was designed in the 90's and was showing its age. My class collaborated with Joe Bosack, an alum of Tyler GAID and athletics brand designer extraordinaire, on redesigning and deploying a new identity system for Temple Athletics. Our clients were both Temple Athletics and Temple's Strategic Marketing and Communications group. Our class worked as teams, generating ideas that were presented in public testing to stakeholders. Additionally, we developed our directions individually for the redesign project.

Initial Sketches
Key objective of this project is to create a design that can convey a sense of timelessness, bold, and tenacity.
Logo on Banner Mockup
Cherry and White, the color tissues of the institutional brand identity, are integrated into the design. The design includes a head-only version and a full-body version.
The mascot design is intended to be bold and simple which can be applied to multiple executions of various sizes.
While designing, I kept in mind that it is crucial for the logo to resonate with a variety of age groups and audiences (children, old alumni, current students, etc.)